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I offer a free 20 minute telephone conversation to discuss the reasons for seeking counselling and to answer any questions. I will also share how I work and we can talk about your expectations so you can decide if I am the right therapist for your needs.

All other sessions will be 50 minutes and will cost £60


Our first 50 minute session will be more structured than usual. In addition to some documentation to read and sign, there will be a series of simple questions to answer which will assist me in gaining a greater understanding of your needs. There will also be plenty of time for you to speak about the issues being faced and to ask questions. We will also discuss confidentiality and privacy, both of which are vitally important in the counselling process. 


The number of counselling sessions needed varies between clients and depends on the issues being faced. However, the counsellor-client relationship is a collaboration, so we will constantly review our progress together and you will be very much in control of how many sessions are needed. 

If you need urgent help or feel that you may harm yourself, please know you're not alone. There is help available:

Samaritans – Tel:  116123 (open 24/7)

Childline (under 19s) – 0800 11 11  The number won’t show up on the bill.

Papryus (for people under 35) – 0800 0684141.  Mon – Fri 10 am to 10 pm, weekends 2 – 10 pm, Bank Holidays 2 – 5 pm.  Text 07786 209697 or email

The Silverline (for older people) – 0800 4708090.

The Hub Of Hope – Google this website and enter your postcode. All the support services in your area will appear.  

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